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PK3 Mrs. Vicky Gates & PK4 Mrs. Heather Biedenbender

PRESCHOOL 3 & 4 year olds

Cost - $25.00 per day 

5 day - 169 days          3 day - 98 days

Families will need to choose either 3 day* or 5 day preschool for their student at the time of enrollment. This is a commitment to the entire school year and families will be charged tuition accordingly.

*If 3 day is chosen to start, you are welcome to change to 5 day at any time and cost will be adjusted.

Payment options - all arrangements need to be made by the first day of classes

Pay in full
Automatic monthly bank withdrawals
Monthly payments to school office (cash or check)

Hot lunch is included in the cost of preschool. However, you are welcome to send cold lunch with your students if they will not eat what is on the menu for that day. There is no break in cost if lunch is sent from home. The lunch menu is sent out a month in advance for planning purposes. 

Snack juice/milk is also included in the cost (1 per day) but snacks will need to be sent from home (2 per day).

You will be asked to fill out a Food Service Program Form to indicate what drink your child will choose. Hot lunch includes the choice of white or chocolate milk and the snack drink can be white/chocolate milk or juice. 

The school day runs from 7:50 am to 2:50 pm. Students can be dropped off anytime after 7:30 am and need to be picked up by 3:00 pm.

 Our PK teachers are available to answer any questions you may have. You may reach them at 608-784-8223. Thank you for your interest in our MCG family!

Mrs. Vicky Gates
Mrs. Heather Biedenbender -